Why Heavenly Hospice

Choosing Heavenly Hospice

We appreciate that families are unique in the special care they want to give their loved ones. We care for our patients and support their caregivers as if they were our own families, and sometimes they really are. We are here to help you and to implement your wishes and needs.

Founded in 2008 by a local family, Heavenly Hospice is Oklahoma State Licensed and Medicare Certified. We have been able to benefit from the expert oversight from our state and local regulators and have also received our foundational guidelines from  The Joint Commission.

    • We are Oklahoma owned and operated; we are not under the umbrella of a large corporation and are able to direct our funds to patient and family services.
    • Our staff utilizes updated technology and is fully electronic with record keeping. Data is collected in a web based software, complete with electronic signature and geographic location system and is HIPAA compliant.
    • We celebrate life by hosting birthday parties for our patients and offering patients and families the opportunity to create a Life Story Book and even visit with a pet.
    • Our TrueVine Foundation Small Grant Program can offer support to families in need.
    • Our service areas cover many rural areas.
    • Our staff is trained to assist, not replace, other attending health care professionals and primary caregivers by providing extra hands, eyes, ears, and hearts and to help families understand that caring for someone at the end of life is a special type of care. We provide educational materials from Barbara Karnes, RN and a specialist in end of life care.

  • We help patients and families understand that they can discharge from hospice services at any point for any reason. Hospice is patient and family choice.
  • Our nurses visit the patient as often as needed and make arrangements for medications and medical equipment.
  • Our social workers address financial, legal, and emotional issues, help the family decide if a hospice volunteer is needed, and connect caregivers and patients to many other types of support.
  • Our hospice chaplains are able to provide grief support to the patient’s family as needed. If their minister is unavailable, or if the family has not made advance arrangements, our chaplain is able to officiate the patient’s funeral in a meaningful way.
  • We acknowledge that hospice Medicare benefits provide for 4 levels of care ranging from routine care to continuous care, and we ensure that as a patient’s needs increase, so does our presence of support in the family’s life.
  • We utilize volunteers. Our patient care volunteers can offer breaks for caregivers or patient companionship. Volunteers may offer conversation and special things that may make a patient’s day more full and interesting. Over the years, we have been able to provide many community outreach volunteer opportunities for student volunteers from the University of Oklahoma and other local universities by engaging them in activities with local retirement communities.

The best way to choose a hospice, especially since there are many in the Greater Oklahoma City area, may be to meet and interview several. Here is some excellent advice on choosing a hospice from the Hospice Foundation of America.


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