This section contains thank you notes to our hospice team, from our team members to one another, as well as family comments on our Patient Satisfaction Survey, e-newsletters and blog posts.


May, 2016

Dear Mary,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the thoughtful care you rendered my late wife, Beth. I know the last months and days of her life were made more comfortable by your efforts and the efforts of Cynthia, Cindy, Heather and Amy.

I particularly want to thank Amy, the weekend nurse, for the kind and sensitive way she helped my daughter and me be with Beth through her last moments. It was so peaceful and quiet. It is a memory I shall cherish as long as I live.

Yours sincerely, Ken

May, 2016

Dear Mary,

I remain so very thankful for the professional care and genuine kindness you and your Heavenly Hospice team share with my mom at Medical Park West! You provide sunshine and warmth no matter the weather. Wishing blessings for all today and always, JM


April, 2016

To my fabulous coworkers,

There have been many clients that have passed away recently. Each of them and their families touch our lives. While what we do is often sad, you guys make such a difference every day for them. These deaths can hurt us all so deeply I know.  Just wanted to let you all know when I hear of a passing, you’re all on my thoughts and prayers. Have a happy, safe day!

Amy, Weekend Nurse


November, 2015

To everyone at Heavenly,

Thank you so much for the wonderful Thanksgiving basket. Everything was so nice. You gave your best. May the Lord bless each of you with His best.

Also on Earl’s birthday, Than you! The food was excellent. Your visit meant so much to Earl and it meant so much to me. Earl really enjoyed it.

In Christ’s Love, Jamie and Earl.

he Lord bless each of you with His best.

Also on Earl’s birthday, Than you! The food was excellent. Your visit meant so much to Earl and it meant so much to me. Earl really enjoyed it.

In Christ’s Love, Jamie and Earl.

November, 2015

My name is Don and the hospice nurses and chaplain that looked after my mother in her last days work for your company. I regret that I cannot remember any of their names, and especially the nurse on duty on 11/22/15 @ 11:00 p.m. that cared for us in mom’s last hours. Just wanted to thank you all for your caring & kind services. Don


October, 2015

Just wanted to tell you guys how very much we appreciated your care for our brother Terry and your concern for the well being of the family. . . you made a difficult time to go through a lot easier. My brother couldn’t have gotten any better care than what you gave him and keeing in touch with us often after his passing meant a lot. Thank you very much! Christy


Thank you for everything that you guys have done for our Mother, Grandmother, and my Granddad’s wife. You all have been a great blessing to have around during this hard time. We appreciate each and every one of you. Doris loved each of you too! God Bless.


September, 2015

Dear Heavenly Hospice, I want to thank all of you who helped care for my mother, both before and after she passed away. Ruth Ann, Lisa and Amy were just wonderful, and we are so appreciative for everything they did to improve mom’s quality of life and to ease her passing. I know there were others, also, but I don’t remember all the names! But God knows your names, and I thank Him for all of you! You are such special people and you do such amazing work. God Bless You,  Trudi

P.S. Enclosed is a donation from one of mom’s friends. We want to donate in memory of mom, to help someone else get the care they need.

August, 2015

“Staff of Heavenly Hospice–Thank you for the excellent care you provided to Kenneth and all the family during his final days in this world. It made his passing and our loss much easier. With gratitude, The Kersey Family.”


Thank you everyone for the great care you gave Wanda. I know she was a mess in the beginning, but you loving cared for her anyway and slowly she asked you to come back. Thank you again and thank you for your prayers, Betty and Steve

July, 2015

“I and the family thank you so much now since Eva’s story has been renewed it will live on forever. This story means a lot to our family. Again, you did such an awesome job.” Thank you so much, Sharon Adams and the whole family. (referring to Life Story book “It Happened Along the Way” project we helped family complete).

“Cheers to Betty Minson!!  I saw Betty’s passion and compassion at work while she cared for my sister, Dodie, recently.  I saw how gentle and kind and funny and loving she was during this all too brief process for my sister.  She not only cared for Dodie, but the other family members were made to feel just as important.   I will always be grateful for her care (and others from Heavenly Hospice) that was given to Dodie.

We miss our sister, mom, aunt, cousin, nana, and friend so much.   Thank you Betty.”

Carolyn, Norman

June, 2015

“Heavenly Hospice has been exceptional. I have no complaints or anything negative to say. Everyone was great.” Karen, Bethany

Thank you all for the kind and gentle care you all gave mom while she was in the care center. Thank you! Family of Dodie Madden.

May, 2015

“You have been a blessing to us! I appreciate the many special things you all do especially her book and the birthday party…not to forget your time each week. The past year had been one I would not wish on anyone and would not want to repeat. Because of God’s amazing grace and His “Heavenly Angels” (you all) we have survived to this day.” Norman family

March, 2015

Dear Heavenly Hospice,

I want to thank you so much for your exceptional love and care for my mom, as well as for my brother and I. (The) hospice sympathy cards with the words on it really spoke to my heart, and blesses me each time I look at it. Thank you, OKC

February, 2015

To the hospice team for John and Anne,

“You are all angels. Thank you for the care you provided and the valuable information, Shonda. I appreciated meeting with you. Sharlene, being there at the end meant so much and putting their hands together was touching and beautiful. I will always remember your kindness.”

January, 2015

To My Forever Friends at Heavenly Hospice.

Thanks so very much for the Christmas card, with all of my wonderful friends pictured on it. That card came when we needed a boost. My baby brother’s wife passed away in Barnsdall, OK as we were just on our way to their house, and we were on our way to my Brother’s house. He had lost his only child 6 years ago (a boy–32 years). Thanks again for all you do for everyone that needs you.

May God Bless all of you. Wayne, Evelyn, Linda, Oklahoma City

December, 2014
We will never be able to thank you enough for all you did for T. and our family. We will never forget your kindness. May God Bless you.

December, 2014
Heavenly Hospice Family,
Even though the time was short, your support and compassion for our mother was rewarding to us as her family. Again, thanks to all of you.

May, 2014
Everyone on staff was very friendly and nice and yes, I would recommend Heavenly Hospice to anyone. You have a very compassionate and concerned staff. Thank you for everything.

May, 2014
Every one of your staff was very caring and comforting and I appreciate the concern of all.

May, 2014

I hardly know where to begin. You have been such an inspiration to my family and me. I can’t thank you enough for what you both did the morning of March 2!! You and Heather weathered the storm and very dangerous road conditions to get here. The two of you showed outstanding professionalism, compassion and class while here that day. As devastating as that morning was, I know without you being here, it would have been even worse. Just want to thank you, Trish, for being the loving and caring person you are. You took the best possible care of mom. Also, for that I am very thankful. I keep trying to find the words to convey how much we think of you. All seem so inadequate. Please just know we will forever be grateful for all you have done.
Love you so much!!

April, 2014
You did a very good job. Thank you very much for making that time a little easier for our family.

April, 2014
We have no suggestions. We think you did an excellent job taking care of our dad. He enjoyed the time spent with him. Thank you!

April, 2014

Dear Staff,
Thank you so much for taking care of Dad during the last few days of his life. You were a great team in doing a good job in making Dad’s life more comfortable. We are so grateful that you were recommended to us as Dad’s hospice caregiver. Keep up the good job. God Bless You all as you continue taking care of people. With Love and Prayers. . .

April, 2014
Dear Heavenly Hospice, Our family wants to thank you all for the care and kindness you showed our mother and this family, it was unmeasurable. We know it was your job, but you do it so well. Doing something because it’s your job and doing something with such compassion is awesome. We would like to contribute this money toward your effort for someone who has less.

With much love. . .

March 2014
Our nurse was always sweet, compassionate, professional. The young woman who showered mom showed great compassion, gentleness. Everyone was so kind. The chaplain send a very touching, meaningful card.

March 2014

“What most impressed you about the services and care your loved one received from Heavenly Hospice?”
The way they listened to my needs for mom, then strived to find a perfect solution for an imperfect situation.

“What most impressed you about the services and care your loved one received from Heavenly Hospice?”
They were polite and always eager to please. They kept track of his medicines so he never ran out. He appreciated the chaplain and his visits. This is why we recommended Heavenly Hospice as favorite charity.

March, 2014

Dear Chaplain,
I wanted to reach out and say Thank You to you for your correspondence over the past 1 1/2 years concerning my mother who passed away in August of 2012. Losing her has been devastating to me. This has been the most challenging event I have ever had to deal with, but I have a wonderful family to support me, and I also suppor them as well because my mother was loved by everyone who knew her. She was that kind of person. I just turned 50 the other day, and I have to think she was around watching. I have 3 grandchildren and I know she sees them when she can. I am happy for her in a way because she is free of any restrictions on her physical abilities now. Alzheimer’s took a tool on her but she fought it to the end. In closing I again want to thank you for your support. It means a lot. The support of your people during her passing was a Godsend. You have a great organization that is truly caring and you have a lot to be proud of.

February, 2014

Dear Chaplain,
Thank you for your kind words and inspirational support. Your help and support with my father’s passing was truly a gift from God. My wife and I are doing well, working hard and moving down the road. I always find your letters comforting and welcome any contact from you in the future. I am not a big coffee drinker, but feel free to stop in on me at work if you are in the neighborhood. Maybe someday I will be able to repay the kindness that you and the Heavenly Hospice organization so generously paid to me and my family.         Bethany, OK

Even though I may never see you again, I felt like I had made lifelong friends. I’m grateful for that.

Thank you for taking such loving care of Phil…and me.  You were such a blessing to us during this time.  Thank you Becky for your visits and calls.  Phil enjoyed them.  Thank you Ray for your visits and prayers.  They were comforting.  You guys were always there for us when we were in need.  Hospice is truly a blessing.

You are a gift from God who helps people in one of their darkest hours.  God bless each and everyone for your kindness, understanding, and guidance.  Thank you is not enough!  But please convey this to each and everyone that came into our home in our time of need.

Dear Pastor, Thank you so much for your prayers and the service you put on for my father.  It meant so much to me and my family.  It was easier to let him go even though we miss him.  Thank you so much.

The personnel, staff and leadership were fantastic! Thank you sooo much!

They included us in everything.

The chaplain sat with my husband. The nurse was so very sweet and gentle.

They were all very caring and loving and very responsive when needed.

I was there a couple of times when mom was getting a bath from the aide. I know how much work that is; it’s a job! Have done myself as a NA/MA. The aide told me apparently there was a water issue and she couldn’t give my mom a bath that day and came back. Heavenly Hospice earned their angel wings with the care of my mom and myself!

The social worker was very helpful and supportive to me, each time I needed it.

Thanks to all who were involved. I couldn’t have done it without you!

The compassion of staff!

The staff was truly caring & they were supportive at all times.

The compassion they had for my mother.

 We could not be happier. Your hospice staff worked extremely well with the facility staff. Made this easy for family.

Everyone was very professional. No one ever acted as if they were in any hurry to be someplace else.

You were ‘on it’ in no time for my father or me. We didn’t have to wait for you to help us and I thank you for that. You all helped when we needed it the most.

You were all invested in the care and comfort of my mother, also concerned for my well-being.

Your staff is caring. All the aides and nurses were special.

The love and care to patients and caregivers, chaplain was excellent, also social worker.

The nurse always took the time to explain or reassure and to be available to us.

That the social worker would be there sitting with my brother even if family wasn’t able to be there.

 Despite being 1.600 miles away from your care, my wife and I felt we were as near as our telephone should we have a question or concern about our daughter.


The kindness and respect they gave to the total family. They did not rush or pressure us. They really cared and it showed.

 As it is for everyone, watching someone you love slowly die is a very difficult thing to do. That being said, the staff were beyond excellent. They all made mom feel good about the care she was given. Mom said just how much she liked each of them and that alone was enough for me. However, these wonderful ladies went above that and became my friend too. Thank you so much for all you did. I can’t thank you enough. The way you all helped manage my mom’s pain was great and the fact that you allowed me extra time with her by having meds delivered is priceless to me. I feel, and my sisters agree, good knowing that my mom did not have to suffer in pain in the end. The 3 of us are always going to be grateful for all that you did. Please take care all of you, and if there is something I can do, please call. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, Macie, Norman.



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