Toni Jolly is from Canadian, Texas (even though she can provide an Okie birth certificate on demand) and is a Texan and Floridian at heart.  When she moved to Oklahoma with her husband in 2001, after extended adventures in military life in Europe and Florida, she was looking for work that would be “straightforward”, a “simpler” job. As life would have it; there were other plans in store for her. She became a bit bored with mainstream clerical work and sought a more complex hospice office role. Then she located her birth father;  finding him very ill and in need of hospice care, she advocated for him and her family to get him the help he needed. She can relate to what many hospice families seek, and she navigates the systems to help our staff get the resources they need for quality of life as well. She spends great times with the 3 kids and 7 grandchildren in her blended bunch and LOVES the beach. We’ve also discovered that Toni suffers from Chronic Thunder Fever (NBA strain) so you can probably find her in Thunder Up attire most winter eves.


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